This video offers more info about different types of antennas. An omnidirectional setup is more direct and has higher gains. A directional installation, on the other hand it will offer a larger spectrum of radiation, however it will have lower gain.

The directional antenna can be described to lasers pointing -with a large amount of energy within a small, narrow bandbut with no understanding of outside band. There is a possibility that you can receive weak signals that would be lost otherwise, however, only within the very narrow area. Omnidirectional antennas work similarly to an lightbulb. It radiates radiation from a single central spot. It’s not as precise yet it offers a wider picture than a direction-finding antenna.

There are a variety of antennas which each has different uses. In general, directional and multidirectional are two of the most popular. The understanding of these two major varieties is vital to know about how antennas transmit data and generally. g3ot2ssada.