Cleanse your hands for about 20 seconds, preferably with hot soap and water.

19. Food safety is a must

There will be plenty of dishes for family and friends during the holidays. If you are cooking, ensure that you follow the proper guidelines for food safety so that you can prevent food-borne diseases from making your beloved ones unwell. Be sure to keep food in a sealed container in the room for more than 2 hours. Don’t mix cooked and raw meats. More information can be found when you read the safety info on each food item you are handling. Do not consume anything that you’re not sure about of the quality or whether it is bad for you.

20. Practice Fire Safety

Holiday Christmas lights, firepits and fragrant candles create a stunning ambiance for your house, however they can also pose risk to the safety of your family. A good fire safety practice is one of the most important tips for staying healthy during this festive season. Always keep a flame lit and food on the stove throughout the day. In fact, most house flames are started from kitchens due to the unsupervised cooking. A fire safety plan is a good way to save people and your house from burning this holiday time.

21. Keep safe while on the roads

Be sure to drive safely, no matter where you’re going on day. Make sure you are prepared for snowy conditions and put chains over your tires. Additionally, don’t drink and drive. This can prevent accidents and help protect the life of others.

Staying healthy is easy.

If you follow the holidays tips to stay healthy to enjoy the Christmas season with your family without causing any accidents or illnesses and even making improvements to your overall well-being. wgvbvcx5tt.