This is until you find yourself caught in bail hearings for yourself or your friend or family member. It is important to understand the difference between bail and bail, if you’re in this situation. If you’re unable to get bail on your own then a bail bond may be offered by a certainty company. As it happens, most people use bail bond organizations when courts grant them bail. In the event that the case is under investigation, it’s not uncommon for police to release suspects on bail. If they have not yet finish the investigations during that time, their bail can be extended. A majority of people aren’t familiar with the concept of bail extended which tends to happen quite often. A second issue that worries many folks is bail on nonbailable offences. Certain crimes that are not bailable include murder, kidnapping and trafficking. It is only in rare situations that a judge can approve bail for these crimes. They may not grant bail in these cases However, they can increase the severity of the situation by ordering the use of an ankle-monitoring device. The client does not need to fret about bail throughout your trial because the judge’s decision won’t impact the bail. The court will reimburse the money for bail once your hearing has taken place.