Daf stands for dissolved air flotation system. Ideal daf systems are designed to quickly remove particles. THe construction allows it to be lightweight, while still maintaining a high level of erosion management. Dafs can be used in higher PH range. It is designed to give chemical compounds to be incorporated in the stream. It also breaks into solids, allowing users to take samples of the water. It’s best to have greater flexibility. It’s important to use Dag pumps. The treated water is pumped out of the tank, and then dissolved into compressed air. When dealing with a pump certain air molecules will have difficulty getting out of the water. Massive bubbles will have to escape the water to go back to the affluent. They’ll spread out along the entire length of the daf, and then begin the process of separation. Microbubbles are raised to the surface in the process of recycling air. The treated water travels through the lens, and then up into the tube. The top of the tube is cleared from any debris floating around. To learn more, watch this video. xkqyauu9mx.