Instead of guiding patients through an endless maze of corridors and uncomfortable spaces, doctors can select to take the patient’s journey from the door into the waiting room, and beyond that, using the building’s design. This video shows an example of a medical facility built with the patient in mind. The designers did not plan to block patients’ examination areas from behind a desk. The design team directs patients to an area with clearly identified room numbers. The patients can sign in on the internet prior to arriving, and proceed to their designated rooms on the scheduled dates. At more than four employees The exam rooms are easily accessible from a central point in the building. Because they aren’t required to register patients the first place, it’s easier for them to share the spaces and make patients’ lives easier. While this approach to layout of clinics may sound odd to somepeople, it can save time, secures the privacy of patients and encourages patients to assume responsibility for their medical condition. kqslmbwy42.