The process of starting a business can be challenging, but the financial aspects of operating a business can be even harder. Small businesses often leave their finances unattended until the tax season. 9/10 times small businesses fail because of financial issues. As it approaches tax time, even companies that were unable to be concerned about their finances up to now could find themselves facing financial difficulties. At some point, you’ll be faced with the reality of the accounting process. Accounting refers to the recording and interpretation of financial statements for the business. Accounting is important. I suggest looking at a simple scenario. Cleaning services are your service. It costs $100 per hour to clean your client’s home. The company you started just recently and you decide to complete the job for yourself. Your company suddenly grows. Your company is flourishing, however, you’re overwhelmed and do not know where to make a decision. Business is growing. You’re looking to employ staff to aid you. What should you do in order to ensure that you’re prepared to do enough for the person you hire? 67yhhkxusw.