With more than one dozen art venues This city is home to some of the top art galleries in America. At one time, Coral Gables was considered the place to go for galleries that could accommodate all the artwork that was showcased. There is even a trolley that travels from gallery gallery , bringing art lovers to all the different spots that they would like to go to. On top of that, the community has transcended normal viewership and it has evolved into an exclusive group of art lovers that can appreciate the spectacle that is Coral Gables. In an art gallery in the gables, you will find art from Latin American artists, Columbian artists, and Cuban artists. This is an excellent spot to watch people embark on art walks. The art gallery is not commonplace in many locations because it’s tough to find good galleries for art. When you next visit Miami think about visiting the town of Coral Gables and taking in the historic and important art. eyhkxeax7n.