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Since rock’n’roll was first invented sometime between 1949 and 1954, it has become one of the biggest forces of music in the world. As The New York Sun writes, there’s no clear answer to who first invented the style, whether it was Fats Domino and Hank Williams or Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry, but, in the end, it doesn’t really matter. In the immortal words of Danny and the Juniors, “rock’n’roll is here to stay.”

According to the BBC, more than 50 million people across the world play guitars, whether they’re the hollow body electrics from Dangelico guitars or Paul Reed Smith SE customs. Of course, very few of guitar players will ever get to the level of rock gods like Brian May and Billie Ray Vaughn. However, with a little practice and the best guitar gear, they can get really close. If you’re a lifelong guitar player who’s looking for something to give you that classic rock sound, consider the essential equipment.

What Can You Do with Guitar Pedal Kits?
Guitar pedal kits give you an easy way to apply some of the best effects, whether wah-wahs, distortion, delay, or a combination of the three, to your stylings. There’s a common belief that guitar pedal kits are only useful for rock players, but even if you’re more of a folk or blue grass player, acoustic guitar pedals can go a long way in giving you the sound you want. Consider Eric Clapton, one of the best rock guitarists in the world: He’s renowned for both his acoustic and electric talent. As About.com writes, Clapton is famed for using a wah-wah effect from guitar pedal kits. In fact, his famous “woman tone,” used in “I Feel Free” and other classics, makes extensive use of that effect.

Do Strings Make Any Difference to Sound?
Guitar strings are essential to playing a guitar, that’s true, but do you realize just how essential they are to playing a guitar well and in the style you’re going for? As written on BLGuitar.com, your strings are literally the life of your guitar. The gauge of strings you use determines its sound. If you’re playing an electric guitar, you’ll need markedly different strings from an acoustic setup. In the end, you’ll need high quality strings, like Dr Guitar strings, that can match your play style and instrument.

Can an Amp Make Any Difference to the Style of Your Sound?
Besides your guitar, few things are as essential to getting that classic rock sound than the type of amplifier you use. Consider, Brian May of Queen used a special setup of two Fender-style amps to give him that clear, clean rock sound on every one of Queen’s most famous songs. By choosing a rock-style amp, like the Bad Cat amp Cougar 50, you too can help shape a perfect rock show sound.

The most important thing for any guitar player is talent and skill earned through practice. If you have those, then you’re well on your way to playing like a rocker. However, with great equipment, like high-quality guitar pedal kits, strings, and amps, there’s nothing to stand in your way.