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Why is Rochester, NY making headlines? Thanks to President Obama’s visit and a Hollywood crew filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in downtown, Rochester earned a lot of national acclaim in 2013. Rochester’s appeal, however, does not stop there. Rochester apartments and homes are conveniently located just minutes away from the public market and unique restaurants. Where are some of the best places to enjoy food in Rochester, NY?

America’s Favorite Farmer’s Market

In 2010, voters named Rochester’s public market America’s Favorite Farmer’s Market, and with good reason. The public market welcomes more than 200 vendors, compromised of local farmers and sellers only. Farmers from Rochester and the surrounding areas sell fresh produce, meats, cheese, dairy products, pastries and baked goods, and spices and herbs. Some sellers even offer prepared foods, such as breakfast sandwiches and homemade pizza bread. Food and wares are available for sale every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Head out to the market on a Sunday to purchase fresh flowers and plants.

Rochester Food and Drink

The Rochester public market offers inexpensive, locally grown produce to help you prepare meals throughout the week. All of us, however, need to take a break from time to time, and go out for dinner, and maybe even a drink, too. Rochester, NY is the perfect place to do it. Rochester apartments are a stone throw away from restaurants with unique, and delicious, selections. Rochester offers anything from Beale Street Cafe’s authentic Cajun and BBQ style food to the Genesee Brew House’s first floor beer tastings and its scenic restaurant on the second floor.

Locals can also enjoy an exciting twist on traditional cocktails. According to The Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester restaurants and bars are incorporating new – and sometimes more savory – elements into its drink menu. These new-age cocktails may include rosewater, edible flowers, syrups, honey, local ciders and juices, vegetables, or herbs.

Rochester, NY is a growing and dynamic city. Rochester’s booming public market, and unique selection of restaurants and food, continues to draw Americans into the city.

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