Stability studies

The materials that drug and pharmaceutical packaging companies depend on to make sure consumers get the medications they need in the proper condition have to be rigorously tested and researched. That process is vitally important because, without it, packages might not be able to withstand shipping and storage, rendering certain pharmaceuticals useless if they suffer damage or get exposed to the elements. As a result, many manufacturers will partner with companies who provide comprehensive analytical and research services. They are a great resource for manufacturers who want to ensure that their products remain in top condition while in transport, resting on drug store shelves, and stored in medicine cabinets.

There are a number of different types of testing that the top analytical and research services will be able to provide. They should offer HPLC Analysis, Chromatographic Impurity Profiling, Performance Type Testing, Identification Testing, Content Uniformity Studies, Release Testing, Stability and Storage Testing, Hygroscopicity Studies, Accelerated Drug Stressing, Dissolution Profile Testing, Extractable Studies for Parenteral Products, and even Competitor Analysis. The combination of all of that testing and those procedures helps prevent packages from being made without being able to properly protect and preserve pharmaceuticals.

On top of all that, reliable analytical and research services should also be able to help manufacturers decide which type of packaging is the best option. Though consumers might overlook the packaging that their medicines come in, there are actually many different styles. Bottle packaging is often used for both individual pills and liquids, of course, and there are sachets and pouches that can be used. In addition, blister packaging that features a formable web to protect unit doses is one of the most popular. Taking the time to find the right packaging materials and style is important for every manufacturer that makes customer satisfaction a priority.

Pharmaceutical blister packaging itself comes in many styles and has customizable features, which is part of the reason it has become such a popular option. It can be completed with vinyl and come in a number of opaque, tinted, and translucent appearances. Blister packaging that folds onto itself is referred to as a “clamshell” and carded packaging can actually be used as a valuable marketing tool. Manufacturers often need to work with packaging companies to establish priorities and determine which option is best.

Research and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry are not just important for designing and developing new drugs. They are also vital for enabling those drugs to reach consumers without being contaminated or damaged. As a result, analytical and research services play an important role in the success of the industry.