Affiliate internet marketing

Most small businesses are on board with the importance of social media. In fact, as many as 80% already use some form of social media marketing. There is little reason not to. After all, at least 65% of adult internet users are involved with at least one social networking platform. Still, many small businesses who do utilize social media are not doing so effectively. More than half of all small business owners admit to needing help improving their social media marketing skills, and one in eight don’t measure the revenue impact from social media. While social media is one of the best local internet marketing solutions available, it’s rendered ineffective by incomplete social media marketing packages.

What should a social media package include? Some will tell you that it varies based on your organization type, size, or structure, but that’s a myth. All social media packages should include the same components, albeit on different scales. If your social media package is missing even one of these things, you’re missing out.

  1. Baseline metrics- If you don’t know where you came from, you won’t know how far you’ve traveled. Even if your page has only one fan, it’s important to establish that baseline.
  2. Competitor benchmarks- The reason for setting up competitor benchmarks is much the same as the reason for establishing a baseline. It allows you to track your progress in a different, but important way.
  3. Goals and objectives- This can be a challenge, because social media return is rarely as cut and dry as return on something like PPC. Set up simple goals that you can measure easily.
  4. Naming strategy- Your company name might not be available on all platforms, so you’ll need to take some time choosing the right handles for your various accounts.
  5. Staffing plan- Social media success needs manpower. Compile a group who can contribute ideas, support, and resources to your campaign. One person just won’t be enough.
  6. Content- There’s no point in social media if you don’t have content to share. A good social media package includes a content calendar so that you’re well-prepared to maintain an active, quality account.
  7. Partner integration- Your investors and technology partners are also looking to expand their social media audiences and engagement. If you plan well, you and your partners can cross-promote content and campaigns in a true win-win situation.
  8. Original ideas- Simply updating your status once in a while and following a few big industry names doesn’t really constitute a social media campaign. A great social media package uses a customized campaign anchored by something engaging like a contest, sweepstakes, or special offer.
  9. Reporting and analysis- Your social media campaign is likely to die early if you don’t have ways to prove that it’s working. A quality social media package uses goals and objectives to determine what should be measured and presents doable ways to measure them.

A well-designed social media campaign is essential to the success of a small business. Make sure your strategy include each of these major points in order to really take advantage of that which social media can offer. More on this.