Walk in bath tubs

Many people do not realize they have so many bathtub and toilet options when they consider style and bathroom design. There are many different kinds of bathtubs that will provide homeowners with whatever shower experience they want. For example, a corner bathtub is usually deeper than a typical tub, allowing a person to be fully immersed in the water. Toilets are now much more efficient than ever before. The first toilet was fashioned for Queen Elizabeth I about four centuries ago at the Richmond Palace, but she refused to use it because it made too much noise. Toilets today are much quieter, and the best toilets only use about 1.6 gallons of water to flush. This is about 6 gallons less than toilets in the 1960’s used.

The most efficient toilets do not take more than one flush to clear the contents in the bowl. For this reason, many people choose pressure assisted toilets. These toilets are made with two separate tanks, one on the inside, and one outside. The inside tank is completely sealed, creating a high amount of air pressure as the tank fills with water. When it is flushed, the contents in the bowl are forced out with the air pressure from the inner tank. These toilets can be more expensive than gravity toilets, but they are remove more waste using less water. These toilets are usually found in restaurants and other high traffic locations, and can be a popular choice for commercial style and bathroom design. One restaurant, Modern Toilet, takes its love of toilets to an extreme. Patrons sit on non-working toilets and are served drinks and meals on mini bathtubs, urinals and toilets.

The average person may not be as crazed about their toilet as Modern Toilet, but finding the best toilet is part of creating great style and bathroom design. Investing in efficient fixtures can also save a lot of money. Bathrooms are constantly being used and this will never change. Whether a homeowner decides to install walk in tubs, corner tubs, modern light fixtures, or fancy faucets, making sure that these fixtures are highly efficient is an important part of cost-effectiveness. These items can be affordable, but it takes careful research to find quality products at a cheaper price.