Plastic knobs

Did you know that thermal deburring tools, used to remove excess materials and raised edges, can reach temperatures of up to 3,000 degrees Celsius? That is 5,432 degrees Fahrenheit! Deburring tools, cotter pins, and hydraulic pumps are responsible for the train industry, and the production of most automobiles. The same industrial tools and equipment power airplanes and helicopters, and can help propel shuttles into space. What specific tools and equipment go into building vehicles, and helping you get where you need to go?

Bearings and Vibration Control Systems

Before aircraft, spacecrafts, boat rigging, automobiles, and farm equipment can be securely put together, parts must be fashioned and produced with precision and care. Vibration mounts, for example, use a series of springs and spring dampers to curb significant vibrations, and ensure that equipment and machinery runs as smoothly as possible. Similarly, linear bearings help industrial workers work as precisely as possible, typically on a single plane. Reducing vibrations and movement, and keeping projects and handling as precise as possible, enables companies to produce top quality parts, for durable, and lasting, vehicles.

Cotter Pins and Gear Pumps

Once parts are produced with a certain level of care and precision, it is important to fasten them together, and then give them some get up and go. Cotter pins, typically made from stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and bronze, slip into long, thin gaps. The ends of cotter pins are then turned up, to help fasten rods in place. A clevis pin or fastener works in much the same way, but requires a pin to help fix equipment and parts in the right position.

Hydraulic pumps, and gear pumps, on the other hand, help propel trains along the tracks, among other things. Gear pumps come in a variety of styles and shapes. Most consist of several parts, usually moving along using a series of teeth or ridges. Some, such as radial bar pumps, can be used under extremely high pressures.

We rely on industrial machinery and equipment for the production of automobiles, aircraft, construction equipment, and more. Vibration mounts, bearings, cotter pins, and gear pumps, make the precision, accuracy, and durability of vehicle production possible. Without the precision and dependability of industrial machinery, many of us would not have the luxury of driving to and from work.