Viral marketing

As more and more Rochester businesses recognize that they need great web presences in order to succeed, they turn to SEO services consultants for help. Though some are uncertain how SEO and social media marketing management can help, the numbers are clear. At least 65% of adult internet users have social networking profiles, and 42% of search engine users are drawn to the top ranking link. The times are changing, and local SEO consultants are helping to lead the charge.

The Case for Online Presence

Increasingly, consumers are using the internet to research and purchase products and services. They use search engines to identify companies offering the commodities they need and explore the websites of those businesses, ask questions about them on social media outlets, and read online reviews before making a decision. They’re most likely to click on sites that appear on the first page of Google results, meaning search engine optimization is critical. In fact, organic search has been proven to be the second cheapest way to get leads, only ranking below email marketing. Both strategies can usually be launched through SEO services consultants.

What’s SEO Got To Do With It?

The thing about SEO that SEO services consultants want business owners to know is that it makes the difference between a great site that does its job and a great site that is never seen. Users searching on engines like Google are 70% more likely to click on non paid results and usually only choose from the results on the first page. Investing in SEO is what can bring your site more website traffic without resorting to paid ads. Essentially, it’s about making your site look more relevant to particular keywords by producing quality, industry relevant content. Good refereneces: