Nyc carpet cleaning in brooklyn

We all know that the human hand is the biggest culprit of germ and bacteria spreading, and a thorough soapy washing can work wonders to alleviate any threats. But are you cleaning your household or commercial environments the right way? Chances are you are not.

You might think that a quick swipe of bleach or sweep of the vacuum makes your surfaces or carpet bacteria free, but think again. The five second rule is not a fact, and bacteria (amongst other contagions) can survive for up to four weeks on carpet and up to months on other surfaces.

The above facts are especially true in high traffic areas. High traffic areas, such as office and commercial spaces, pose an even greater risk for germ, mold, mildew, and yeast contamination. (If you introduce wall to wall carpet to the equation, which can be very difficult to clean, the organisms that may lurk triple in numbers.)

So the question then is, how do you keep your residential or commercial areas clean and free of germs? Well, you can join the ranks of millions of local businesses and enlist the expertise of commercial cleaning services experts.

Why, do I need a Nyc office cleaning crew, you may ask? What are the benefits of utilizing professional commercial cleaning services for your office cleaning services NYC needs? For starters, commercial cleaning services have access to supplies and chemicals that can wipe out potential contagions that household cleaners can barely touch. Professional carpet cleaning services in NYC, for example, use heavy duty carpet shampooing chemicals and steam cleaning equipment that applies a solvent and then extracts all of the dirt and foreign matter. (Your household vacuum cleaner likely does not come close the power of NYC carpet cleaning in Brooklyn.)

Germs aside, commercial cleaning services can improve your air quality, too. Carpeting that is properly cared for, cleaned, and maintained reduces the number of dust and allergens that plague many occupants and allergy sufferers.

But the benefits of using office cleaning companies does not end there. In addition, many commercial cleaning services also offer auxiliary services, such as garbage collection, outside maintenance (such as litter picking and graffiti removal), and many are certified in cleaning up potentially toxic spills, such as those that may occur in manufacturing or healthcare environments.

Do you have a favorite commercial cleaner that you go to for all of your high traffic cleaning needs? If so, share your recommendations below!

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