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Did you know that as part of Babylonian wedding customs, the clothing threads of the bride and groom were tied together, thus creating the term “to tie the knot?” Since that time, weddings have come a long way. The first engagement ring, for example, made its appearance in 1477, and white wedding gowns were not made popular until 1840. Today, weddings are large, extravagant events that take a lot of time and work to plan. In order to help, wedding and event planners are available. You may be asking, though, “what do wedding planners do?” Wedding and event planners have many responsibilities, and they can help make your wedding a more special day.

1. Organization. Deadlines and budgets must be met during wedding planning, and wedding event planners will make sure these are both handled. In addition, your wedding timeline will also be constructed. This will include your rehearsal dinner, your ceremony, and your reception. In order to ensure that each part of your wedding lasts a certain amount of time, wedding planners will develop strict timelines for you and your guests.

2. Ceremony and reception coordination. While planners will organize every aspect of your wedding beforehand, they will also be there on your wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly. Any unwanted emergencies will be handled by your planner, and he or she will make sure your wedding transitions are done on time. Even after your wedding is done, your planner will return any rentals to the places they came from.

3. Wedding harmony. During the planning process, as well as throughout the wedding, your wedding planner will act as a negotiator. Since you, your spouse, or your guests may have certain disagreements, the wedding and event planner will work towards keeping everything tranquil. Weddings are supposed to be a fun, enjoyable experience, and eliminating the drama from them will make them more peaceful.

In 2011, couples spent an average of 27,000 dollars on their weddings. Wedding planning can be difficult, especially if you cannot make certain decisions, such as what dances you want your wedding to have. The waltz, for example, is a form of ballroom dancing that is sometimes seen at weddings. As a result, many people seek wedding planner packages to help organize, coordinate, and harmonize their weddings. Whether you need help deciding on party hall rentals or what color flowers you want, a wedding planner can assist you with every decision that needs to be made.