Entertainment tonight online

Tired of hearing all of the latest celebrity gossip at the water cooler? Are you always the last to know who is dating whom, who broke up with whom, and whose baby who had? Get in the loop and stay there. Stop waiting around for the local news to report on the occasional story. Even stop waiting for your celeb news shows to come on and broadcast each evening. What you need is online entertainment news.

What are your sources for entertainment and celeb news? On television it is Entertainment Tonight that reigns supreme in the most up to date and comprehensive coverage. In terms of print, my money is on Entertainment Weekly. But they both have distinct flaws. They require you to wait until they come on TV or print a new issue in order to get the latest in celebrity news.

Again, your best source is entertainment news online. Whether it is Entertainment Tonight online or Entertainment Weekly online, or both, you can stay on top of the latest dish, and never be the last one to learn things. You never need to pretend that you knew the latest story.

As if it could not get any better, there is a way that you can get the entertainment news online delivered right to you, instead of you needing to seek it out and check for updates. All it will take is signing up for an RSS reader. Then, you can go to all of your entertainment news online sites and subscribe to their RSS feeds.

By having their RSS feeds brought directly to your reader, you can get real time updates as each site is posting them. And if you keep the reader open at all times, even in the background, you never need to go back to those sites to check for those updates, your reader will let you know about the latest Miley Cyrus debacle.

Stop waiting around for the latest. Get out there and be proactive about your celebrity news. The more you know before anyone else, the more you can brag about it.