Washington urgent care

Think about the fact that any moment in our daily lives something could go wrong with our bodies! Then think about the scary thought that only 29% of primary doctors have after hours coverage. This is crazy, but It really makes you appreciate the services of urgent care doctors. It is always important to know where the closest urgent care doctor is to your home, in case something were to go wrong during a time when your doctor is not available.

In some states, these 24 hour urgent care centers are able to prescribe medicine right there onsite at the point of care to ensure that the patient will receive the prescription before they leave the center. This is a good thought, because if you have to go to urgent care and they tell you what is wrong, but if they cannot help you then and there, what is the point of even going?

24 hr urgent care centers should be located all over the country placed in locations where they are easily accessible, because people need them and use these center much more than you would think. In 2010, a study was done by the Rand Corporation, which showed that nearly one out of every five visits to the hospital could have been deal with right at the hand of an urgent care professional, which could save about $4.4 billion dollars annually in health care costs. There are about 110 million visits annually to the emergency room, so imagine the amount of time and money that can be saved!

If you are ever faced with an event in which you believe that seeking immediate medical care is necessary, based on the statistics, remember that there is a solid chance that your doctors office will be closed, and that there is also a pretty good chance that you do not need to go waste tons of money at the emergency, when you could just drive up to the closest urgent care center. Immediate care can be found when you need it, so do not panic, but also do not wait! For more information see this.