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Why are more people buying homes in Michigan?

The West michigan real estate market is currently dominated by Grand Haven and Holland, Michigan. Grand Rapids real estate is only 30 minutes west, and its popularity is soaring. Why?

Here are the reasons people are flocking into the Grand Rapids area and why you might want to, too.

1. Lake Michigan

Do you like boats, swimming, fishing, or scenic views? Of course you do. Lake Michigan is minutes away from Grand Rapids and other popular real estate markets. And, if you do not want to leave your home to enjoy the water, you may want to consider lakefront homes for sale in Michigan.

2. Community

Holland, MI, again located near Grand Rapids and popular local destination and tourist site Lake Michigan, is very people and pedestrian friendly. Whether you want to exercise, cut gas costs, or save the trouble of looking and sometimes paying for a parking spot, pedestrians are very welcome in West Michigan.

3. Events and Activities

Having lakes and a friendly environment nearby is always nice, but most people are looking for a sense of excitement on top of these things. And West michigan homes for sale offer that thrill, too. There are a number of events and activities to look forward to, including annual festivals like the Tulip Time Festival in May.

The tulip festival dates back as early as 1930 with 250,000 planted to mark the first event. Today there are over six million tulips to enjoy among the city and Holland, MI homes for sale.

Theses are just a few of the reasons that people are swarming to the area. Many do not need anymore convincing than the beautiful waterfront homes for sale in michigan. And Grand Rapids real estate is going fast.