Luxury car service

You may be wondering what is a car service?

A car service is when a car is rented with a chauffeur. The chauffeur then provides transportation for the day, night, or however long you rent the service for. Car services include limo car service, luxury car service, and private car service.

The stretch limo was created by Armbruster in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1928. Recently though in 2012, there were over four thousand limo companies that employed over 42 thousand employees. The limousine market in 2012 was over four billion dollars.

What is a car service rented for you are wondering?

Car services and limousine services are rented for Charlotte airport transportation, executive transportation, VIP transportation, and corporate transportation. Limousines are popular rentals for weddings, proms, and sometimes birthday parties.

What is a car service rental costs?

Car service rentals can cost from seventy dollars per person and up. Some limo car service companies charge by the hour. Cost varies by the company. The cheapest car service is not always the best car service. When renting a limousine then most important thing to consider is the safety of the passengers and yourself. Limousine companies need to be registered with the state, have proper insurance, and have the proper licensing.

Car services are a great way to be transported for a night of fun, or a business event. More: