New construction cleaning

Today’s industrial cleaning companies take pride in their work, valuing the preservation and protection of buildings and sites, especially those that may be historic or of worth. They also work tirelessly to remediate heavily used areas and are employable as construction site clean up services.

That’s why it’s of paramount importance for an industrial cleaning company to use safe cleaning methods that will not harm the building or the environment. These practices include using safe construction cleaners and dry ice blast cleaning methods. A quality industrial cleaning company and construction site clean up services are those that avoid the use of chemical and physical harsh treatments such as sandblasting. Abrasive cleaning methods include all techniques that physically abrade the building surface to remove soils, discolorations or coatings. These techniques involve using materials that break down the surface or etch and scratch.

Sand, which is available, gritty and cheap is a heavily used cleaning material. Also commonly used for industrial cleaning purposes by a non safe practicing industrial cleaning company are crushed shells, silica, crushed nutshells, glass beads and other hard, ground materials. Alternative means to remove dirt, stains, pain and grime from a building or for rack maintenance include low pressure washers, natural bristle brushing, steam cleaning and dry ice cleaning. Using dry ice blasting as part of construction cleaning services can be less damaging to stone or brick facades, or buildings with antique or historic features such as monuments, columns or wooden beams.

Construction site clean up services may use dry ice blasting as a replacement for chemicals that are dangerous and costly. Dry ice is used for deeper, aggressive cleaning with carbon dioxide instead of chemicals. Though aggressive, dry ice blasting is safe for the environment, the building and can even be used on equipment without causing damage. It is proven to not etch materials that are being cleaned and does not create waste or residue. More on this topic: