Food talk radio

Now more than ever, food is growing to be a huge culture, where people sculpt their passions and their lives around good food, cooking it, and enjoying it. This new found excitement for food is bolstered by new cooking techniques and a call back to good, fresh, wholesome ingredients. And with this fresh fascination for food, comes the culture of rock star chefs, the science behind food, cooking shows for every facet of the cooking world, cooking reality shows, and even food talk radio.

Food talk shows are some of the best talk radio around. You will never find a talk show host, or guests, who have more passion or knowledge for their subject. They are even better than a television cooking show because they do not have the visual component. When you watch a cooking show, you get to see everything being done, usually from start to finish, and you can imagine the delicious results. But on the radio, either cooked or raw food talk shows, the hosts are required to describe whatever subject that they are talking about. The language is just as, if not more, delicious than watching it being done.

Another benefit to food radio is that it can focus on topics that would not make good food television. Most food television is predominantly cooking. But radio can get to the nitty gritty. They can interview chefs and discuss the techniques and science behind cooking that would not make for very fascinating watching, but translates to incredibly intriguing listening.

If you have any interest in food at all, not just eating a good sandwich, but a real fascination for food and its workings and capabilities, expand your horizons. Look for something beyond your standard cooking show. Find some great food talk radio shows to add to your menu. Your appreciation for food will grow, you will learn a whole lot, and you just might be able to cook something fancy soon.