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The first federal income tax came into being with the Revenue Act of 1861. Before that, the people living in the American Colonies were paying taxes to England, unless that is, until 1776 when the colonies won their freedom. Now American citizens have to pay federal income taxes, state and local taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, use taxes and more. However, certain exemptions are available that are applicable to some types of income and properties. One can also claim a personal exemption when they file their state and federal income taxes.

Federal tax rates can vary, depending on how much taxable income the taxpayer makes each year. The tax rates generally vary from 10 percent up to 39.6 percent , with the higher taxes waged on higher income earners. Each year every citizen who earns a minimum amount of income has to report it to the IRS. American citizens who do not report their incomes to the IRS are tax evaders by definition. Tax evaders eventually have to pay the back taxes they owe when the IRS catches them. People who have IRS problems and who need help with Irs tax problems often live in fear of IRS tax levies, wage garnishments and personal property seizures by the IRS.

Many people need help with IRS problems today. Problems with IRS are not the kind of problems you want to ignore. Before the IRS can levy your wages or bank accounts, you have a right for a hearing. Tax resolution services provide professional help with IRS problems. Tax advice attorneys provide help with IRS problems today.
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