Corporate daycare

The concept of employer sponsored childcare is a win-win situation for all people involved. Finding suitable childcare is one of the most commonly stated issues when it comes to finding high quality employees across a wide range of different industries. Employers who offer this benefit quite often find themselves with the most highly trained and highly prized employees in the area.

Employers benefit hugely when they offer employer sponsored childcare to their employees. Since a great many people are part of families that include children that are of childcare age, finding high quality yet affordable childcare is a top priority for many employees. For those employees who offer employer sponsored childcare that has been accredited by a top organization who is vested in the well being of children such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), they have a strong employee benefit that can be useful for attracting, and keeping, the best employees in the industry.

The benefits for employees when their employers offer employer sponsored childcare are tremendous as well. Whether the employer sponsored childcare is on-site or not, employees will have greater access to their children if the need arises. Employees will also be able to concentrate on their jobs more easily when they know their children are getting the best care possible.

Children and the community at large benefit as well when employer sponsored childcare is available and used. Children are able to be immersed in a high quality and caring environment that fosters learning. This, in turn, means these children are better prepared for school when they begin attending it.

This means any potential issues or problems are identified early, giving children more time to obtain the extra support and help they need. They are able to grow and mature into citizens that are ready to enter their community when they begin with a base of high quality employer sponsored childcare.