Due to an imperfect cornea, you may have some vision problems. Eye doctors tend to refer to these as refractive errors. Regardless of what you choose to call them though, they will lead you to have blurred or otherwise distorted vision. Today this can be corrected by Lasik San Diego.

In Lasik San Diego a highly specialized laser is used to reshape your cornea so that you can see clearly without wearing your glasses or contact lenses. By reshaping your cornea your eyes’ focusing power is also changed. However, you’ll never know for sure if you’re even eligible for Lasik San Diego if you don’t talk to your eye doctor first.

Those who are considered eligible for Lasik San Diego will make an appointment to have the procedure done. Whenever you arrive at your appointment your eye doctor will place some numbing eye drops into the eye that he will be doing the surgery on. He will then use a lid speculum to help hold your eye open in the correct position. A suction ring will then be placed around the eye’s cornea. Your eye doctor will then make an incision in your cornea in order to create a cornea flap. This flap will be folded back so that your eye doctor will be able to use the laser in order to fix any of the imperfections that are found within your cornea. Herein tissue will be removed from your cornea so as to repair the refraction errors. Once this is done the corneal flap will be replaced and a shield will be placed over the top of your eye until it heals. While Lasik San Diego may sound like a long, highly involved procedure, it only takes about 30 minutes.

Even though a lot of people don’t mind wearing glasses or contact lenses, you should still know that Lasik san diego may be an option for you. With Lasik San Diego your quality of life can be improved, which is especially important if you do find it particularly burdensome to wear glasses or contact lenses. Ultimately you could have 20/20 vision thanks to Lasik San Diego. Of course, this does depend upon how your vision is to begin with. Regardless of what your end result may be, Lasik San Diego is definitely worth thinking about.