Over the past few years, hummus has grown in popularity in the United States. Having been very popular in the middle east for decades, there are now many hummus spread recipes that people in the west are discovering to be delicious, nutritious and incredibly convenient. No matter what type of food one may normally enjoy, there are many hummus spread recipes that could be easily be served with any kind of meal.

Hummus is primarily composed of mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and several other ingredients that are incredibly healthy. Hummus spread recipes are a good source of iron and vitamin C. They also are a great source of vitamin B6, dietary fiber and protein. Because of the substantial nutrients that are offered, hummus spread recipes can be a great way to help balance ones diet, especially if they are considering pursuing an entirely vegetarian or vegan diet.

Hummus spread recipes are available in a wide variety of flavors. Some people may prefer their hummus spread with a spicy kick. Others may want something more mild. They can be served by themselves with some chips for dipping, or they can be added into many different kinds of meals. Whether planning to incorporate it into breakfast, lunch or dinner, hummus spreads can be a great way to dazzle ones family and guests.

Hummus spread recipes can also be a great way to help ones kids eat healthier as well. Instead of chips, cookies or ice cream, hummus can make for a tasty snack for a kids to bring to school, or have between meals at home. Every parent wants their children to live a healthy lifestyle. By adding hummus spread recipes to their regular diets, parents can make sure that their kids will have access to good amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals as they grow.

No matter what kind of food one may like or what kind of diet they traditionally may enjoy, hummus spread recipes can help to dramatically spice things up.