You would be surprise to know that dog is a very hot animal by nature. So, it would not eat any meal that hurt its sense of smelling. The dog is neither a completely carnivorous nor a completely herbivorous and gets nourishment form flesh as well as the vegetables. So, the ideal dog food is a mixture of both but with the ideal proportion that is determined by the physically exertions of dogs.

Commercial dog food is one of the common choices for the modern dogs. Variety of commercial dog foods is available in the market in the form of dry and wet canned dog food. These dry dog foods are convenient to purchase that’s why the sale of such foods have been increased in last few years. The wet dog food has higher moisturized as compared to the dry food and certain proteins are used in it to give artificial meaty taste to the dogs.

Recently, many different types of dog food are available in the market quite different from the traditional commercial pet food. Many companies have succeeded in targeting the niche markets due to its unique taste and characteristics. Even the non-alcoholic beer is prepared for the dogs made from the malt and beef extract.

One of the popular dog foods is frozen or freeze dries that comes in the form of row or half cooked. It results in the skipping of the processing stage of preparing the dog food that result in less destruction of the nutritional integrity. It also increases the shelf life a food.

Dehydrated foods are also available in the row or half cooked form. These are usually air dried products that minimize the moisturize level. A lord needs to add warm water in it before serving to his dog.

Another option is to go for fresh or refrigerated dog food that is passed through the pasteurization process to keep the ingredients fresh. The food is cooked very lightly and is sealed immediately in a vacuum package that is the refrigerated till the time of serving. It is important to keep such dog foods in cold temperature and unopened.

These days, many companies are also creating homemade dog foods and selling in the stores or over internet. It is generally consist of raw or cooked meat, pureed vegetables, ground bones and some other multivitamin supplements.

Vegetarian dog foods are also manufactures by many companies now. They usually contain the ingredients such as pea protein, oatmeal and potatoes. Many dog owners go for this choice due to some ethical or health reasons or might be because of some severe food allergies.

In short, the choice of dog food is entirely dependent on the owner of a dog but the dogs do have some taste and preference. It is quite important to give them healthy foods but according to their choice.