Whenever you want to tour Denver, which is Colorado’s state capitol, you will find that there is a whole lot to see. Here you will be able to see the governor’s offices. This building was constructed in 1890 but did not open until 1894. The entrance to this building opens up to a 180 foot dome. Its exterior is constructed from Rose Onyx and its floors are made out of white Yule Marble with numerous designs and images in it.

As you tour Denver and look at the state capitol building you will soon discover that there are several galleries worth visiting. This includes the Rotunda Interior, the Colorado house of representatives, the Colorado Senate chamber, the Gallery of Presidents, the Dome exterior and the Old Colorado supreme court chambers. Since you probably will not have enough time to look at all of these galleries in one day, you may want to plan to take several days to tour Denver. Another option is to take a virtual tour before you go on your real tour Denver.

The virtual tour Denver will teach you about the history and construction of this governmental building. On these tours you will be able to see the entrance doors, the senate chambers, the Gallery of Presidents, the Grand staircase, the elevators, chandeliers and electricity, as well as the rotunda. There are also some virtual tours that will take you around the exterior of the building. Whenever you tour Denver in this fashion you will learn about Likens drinking fountain, the Liberty bell and the civil war memorial. By taking a virtual tour Denver you will be able to see which of these things you really want to see whenever you go on a real live tour denver.

By taking a live tour Denver the things that you see in your virtual tour Denver will come to life right before your very eyes. Herein you will get to see the beauty of the stained glass windows and experience the modern safety features of the building itself. You will also find the hall to be very special since it is decorated with the portrait of each and every American president.